If you ARE able to log into Windows:

Just click the "Get Support" icon on your Windows desktop to go to our JPCI HelpDesk support portal, where you can submit a new support ticket (or look up existing or closed tickets).
NOTE: If this is your first time submitting a ticket to our new FreshDesk portal system, you MUST click the "Sign Up" button in the upper right to create your user account. You will receive a verification email (to verify that the email address you entered is one you can use to receive email), and when you click the verification link in the email, you will be directed to the portal and asked to choose a password. You should use your business email address and password, as our system rejects any email domain not belonging to a JPCI client in order to avoid having spam create support tickets. (If you are currently unable to receive email sent to your company email address, just include a usable email address in your ticket request and we will "CC" that email address.)

If you are NOT able to log into Windows: (PC dead, forgot password, network down, etc.)

  • Send an email to helpdesk@jpci.com from any Internet-connected device. It will automatically be converted to a support ticket *
  • Go to https://jpci.freshdesk.com from any Internet connected device (another PC or Mac, your tablet or smartphone, etc.). See the NOTE above if you have never submitted a support ticket to our portal

        * If you do not have a current and valid JPCI HelpDesk contract, you will be invoiced at the rates listed on our Services page

Why we REQUIRE using the HelpDesk for support:

    JPCI is able to provide unlimited flat-rate tech support to all clients because we keep our overhead costs down:

  • We work out of our homes rather than paying costly rent and utilities for an office in a business district
  • We use sophisticated automated software to monitor and manage your systems and correct most problems automatically before you even know you had a problem
  • We don't have a receptionist on staff to answer your calls, texts or emails... that means that the ONLY way for techs to get your urgent support requests is for you to submit them via our support portal so they get an alert via the HelpDesk mobile app. They can't stop work every five minutes to check email, voicemail, texts and such to see if someone needs them more urgently than the client they're already helping... the JPCI HelpDesk automatically prioritizes tickets based on the level of urgency assigned by the client and alerts the techs accordingly). Hiring a office staff to take support requests by phone would double everyone's monthly contract cost.