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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, How much do you charge?
  2. Question 2, What are your office hours?
  3. Question 3, How big is your service area?
  4. Question 4, Why don't you work on home systems?
  5. Question 5, What holidays are you closed?
  6. Question 6, What REALLY causes Global Warming?

How much do you charge?

Our hourly labor rates are as follows (there is a one hour minimum for on-site service, and a one-quarter hour minimum for phone or remote support):
· Standard labor (Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm): $100/hr
· After hours labor (evenings/Saturday): $150/hr
· Holiday labor (Sundays and holidays): $200/hr
· Emergency call surcharge (immediate response required): $100
· No support ticket charge (requests submitted via phone/text/email unless you have a Platinum contract): $50
· Email tech support (one business-day response): no charge for JPCI clients

We also offer contract services at the following rates:
· “HelpDesk” service contracts: See our Services page for details
· Web hosting: $150 per year (includes domain registration).. see our Services page for details

Mileage (except in Bend or Redmond city limits) is $1/mile each way (no mileage charges for HelpDesk contract clients)
Note: Service contracts cover labor only, not parts

What are your office hours?

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.. during non-business hours, your calls automatically go to our voicemail system, which is checked regularly. Calls that are of an urgent nature are returned promptly (at Emergency rates), and routine calls are returned the next business day.

How big is your service area?

We primarily cover Central Oregon, although we do have clients in other parts of the state (such as Portland and Medford) as well as in other states. These out of area clients are generally part of a wide area network for which we serve the Central Oregon branches. (Mileage costs tend to make it impractical to serve out of area clients unless they are fairly large).

Why don't you work on home systems?

There are already many computer shops in the area that provide this service, and there's no need for yet another. Home systems are very time-consuming, due to the infinite variety of software that normally runs on them (games, educational, children's, etc), whereas business systems are typically focused on a narrow set of applications (such as Microsoft Office and QuickBooks) and therefore take much less time to troubleshoot. Because our focus is on business systems exclusively, we are able to respond to critical "business down" situations in an extremely timely fashion without having a huge staff.

What holidays are you closed?

  • New Year’s Eve (starting at noon) & Day
  • President’s Day weekend (Sat-Sun-Mon)
  • Memorial Day weekend (Sat-Sun-Mon)
  • 4th of July (Friday if it falls on Saturday, Monday if it falls on a Sunday)
  • Labor Day weekend (Sat-Sun-Mon)
  • Thanksgiving weekend (Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun)
  • Christmas Eve (starting at noon) & Day

What REALLY causes global warming?

What Causes Global Warming?
                    (Just kidding)