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Key Points

We work ONLY with businesses ...

Computer geeks willing to work with home users are everywhere. We choose to focus solely on the needs of small businesses (like our own) with less than a hundred employees (most of our clients have less than a dozen). This allows us to be very effective at what we do... trying to be "all things to all people" always leads to a less effective solution.

We become a part of YOUR team ...

Our goal is for you to think of JPCI as an integral part of your organization... essentially, your own "in-house" IT department. We want to play a part in every solution, which means calling on us when you're still in the planning stages of a project so we can provide insights that will make the whole project as efficient as possilbe.

We're not just "computer guys" ...

We have many years of experience in just about every area of technology, not just computers and networking. If you have technical questions in other areas (sound, video, recording, streaming, computer-phone integration, videoconferencing or any other technical field), please ask. We've either already done it or we know someone who does!


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A bit about our team...

JPCI (John Peterson Consulting, Inc) is the only computer consulting firm in Central Oregon dedicated exclusively to the needs of the area's small businesses.  We ONLY serve small businesses. JPCI is a Microsoft Registered Partner, OEM System Builder and a Microsoft Certified Professional, and as part of our partnership with them, have a direct line to all of Microsoft's tech support resources. Since 1997, our sole purpose has been providing Central Oregon small businesses with on-call technical support as well as technology consulting services.

Our Mission:
To provide complete computer solutions for small businesses.. we believe our customers will be more productive doing what they do best, and leaving the computer headaches to us!


Our Typical Client:
Our typical client is a small business with 5 to 75 systems networked together, usually Windows 10 workstations connected to a Windows Server 2012 Essentials in-house server or to a cloud server, although some also run Mac, Linux or Unix systems.
Most of our clients have a networked, dedicated broadband connection (normally cable, DSL or fiber optic) between their network and the Internet in order to take the greatest advantage of all the Internet has to offer.


Some of Our Clients:
Alpine Glass Company.. AutoTel/Western Radios Services.. Basic Books.. Bend Accounting, PC.. Cascade Credit Consulting.. Commercial Powder Coating.. Consolidated Towing..  Deming Rentals.. Garner RV.. Heart of Oregon Corps.. LandSystems Nursery.. Leffel Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery.. Madras Medical Group.. O-Hana Salsa.. Oregon Adjusters.. Real Estate Champions.. USA*American Adjusters.. Wright Design Studio..


Our Philosophy:
JPCI operates under the philosophy that our computers are supposed to work for us rather than the other way around.. our goal is to provide a complete computer-based solution for your small business. We start out by sitting down with you and deciding what it is you want to accomplish, and then helping you decide the most cost-effective plan to get there (without buying more network than you really need or cutting too many corners so you can’t upgrade later). We have our client's servers and workatations custom-built to our specifications, based on your individual needs rather than a department store or mail-order "straight-out-of-the-box, what-we-have-is-what-you-get" solution (although we can also take a basic pre-built system and customize it for you as well). We also configure the network and software to provide you with a user-friendly and productive workflow. We connect your local network to the Internet securely, and allow access to only those employees that you authorize. We help you decide which specific applications you need to get your work done most effectively, and then integrate them into an overall "game plan" for your business. And finally, we help you to keep your network up.

Our Team:
Company Profile
John Peterson Consulting, Inc. (JPCI) is a Central Oregon based computer consulting firm specializing in computing solutions for small businesses, with an emphasis on networks and the Internet. We are an Oregon S Corporation, EIN 91-1860150, and incorporated in 1997 (before then JPCI was a sole proprietorship). Our president and CEO is John Peterson, and our CFO is Kathie Peterson.

Our Staff:

John Peterson is our primary network engineer.. he is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), a Microsoft OEM system builder, and a member of the Microsoft Site Builder's Network and the MSDN Developer's Network. John has been working in the computer field since 1970 (when programming was done on a mainframe using those cardboard keypunch cards). Before JPCI was founded, John was the service manager for Cascade Chips (a computer store here in Bend) and prior to that the Computer Services Manager for Andersch (an electronics, furniture and appliance retailer here in Bend). He operates out of our Bend office.

Brandon DeFoyd is our primary network technician. He has been working "hands-on" with computers for over 20 years, and operates out of our Redmond office.

Meet the team...


John Peterson

John is our Chief Network Engineer and the President/CEO of John Peterson Consulting, Inc.


Brandon DeFoyd

Brandon is our Lead Network Technician, and has over 20 years of experience working with computers and networks.


Kathie Peterson

Kathie is our Secretary/Treasurer and CFO of John Peterson Consulting, Inc. She has been with JPCI since 1997.